Exceeding Cleaning provides high-quality house cleaning services in the Miami & South Florida area. We are able to take care of all of your house cleaning needs while providing outstanding customer service and customer support.

What should I expect during the first clean?

Everyone is different and everyone will have different needs. Once you have booked your cleaning service (online or over the phone) you will receive a confirmation email. We will arrive on time and provide outstanding cleaning. During the first 10 minutes of your first booking we will complete a walk-around of your home and go through your priorities. After, once the first clean has been completed, we will charge your card and a receipt will be sent via email.

Can I provide a key?

Yes! We store keys securely. We understand that the majority of people live very busy lives. You can pass a key over during your first clean or leave the spare key out and trust us not to lose it

Is my cleaner insured?

100%. Your trust and security are our number one priority. We have insurance to cover all of our cleans.

What about supplies and equipment?

​Our mission at Exceeding Cleaning is to provide you an exceptional clean, and a safe home to relax in. Don’t have all the cleaning supplies for the job? No worries. We have you covered! Exceeding Cleaning uses top-notch commercial products that are safe for the home and efficient in their cleaning potential. We provide all the necessary supplies to do all move-in/out cleanings, one-times, and recurring. We do ask however for our on-going clients that we use the vacuum already in your home in order to avoid any cross-allergy contamination in between client-homes.

​Will I always have the same people cleaning my home?

​At Exceeding Cleaning in Miami, we want our team to become a part of your family. Once you get on a regular maintenance cleaning schedule, we strive to always provide you with the same team members. That way they can get to know your home, and you can get to know them.